TrueMail provides a high level of accuracy and we can guarantee that after using our service your email bounce rate will be no more than 3%.
We will gladly refund a difference if your bounce rate exceeds 3% after sending only valid emails.

There are some requirements needed to get the refund:

  • The list must have been validated by TrueMail within 72 hours of being mailed to.

  • The list must contain a minimum of 500 unique email addresses.

  • Our guarantee only covers mailing to valid (deliverable) addresses and not to the ones that have been categorised as invalid, accept all, unknown or disposable.

  • Bounces due to internal technical issues, sender reputation, or similar technicalities will not qualify for our guarantee.

  • Email addresses that bounce must be indicated as invalid.

If you want to submit a case for guarantee review, please contact us at [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. The Job ID in question processed through TrueMail

  2. The date and time of sending

  3. The categories sent to (valid, accept all, etc.)

  4. An export of your full mailing containing all emails sent to and their bounce responses

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